Welcome! We are the Arcade Players, an amateur dramatic group based in Long Eaton, Derbyshire


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Past Productions
2010-Now 2000-2009 1990-1999
Free and Easy (Nov 2019)
Cheshire Cats (May 2019)
Out of Order (Feb 2019)
Being of Sound Mind (Nov 2018)
W.I Blues (May 2018)
Sand Castles (Feb 2018)
Trivial Pursuits (Nov 2017)
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime (April 2017)
Darling Mr London (Feb 2017)
Suddenly At Home (Nov 2016)
Kindly Keep It Covered (Apr 2016)
How The Other Half Loves (Feb 2016)
Stepping Out (Nov 2015)
An Evening of Comedy (May 2015)
Two Into One (Feb 2015)
Entertaining Angels (Nov 2014)
Heirs and disGraces (Murder Mystery Supper Evening) (Jun 2014)
Take Away The Lady (May 2014)
Caught In The Net (Feb 2014)
Volunteers (Nov 2013)
Prescription For Murder (Apr 2013)
Flying Feathers (Feb 2013)
Round and Round the Garden (Nov 2012)
Out of Focus (Apr 2012)
Run For Your Wife (Feb 2012)
Haywire (Nov 2011)
3 For the Price of 1 (May 2011)
Over My Dead Body (Feb 2011)
Basinful of the Briny (Nov 2010)

Table Manners (Feb 2010)
Fools Rush In (Nov 2009)
Living Together (May 2009)

Pools Paradise (Feb 2009)
Breath of Spring (Nov 2008)
Natural Causes (Apr 2008)
Beside the Seaside (Feb 2008)
Summer End (Nov 2007)
Haul For The Shore (Apr 2007)
Anybody For Murder? (Feb 2007)
I'll Get My Man (Nov 2006)
Day of Reckoning (Apr 2006)
There Goes the Bride (Feb 2006)
Too Soon For Daisies (Nov 2005)
My Friend Miss Flint (May 2005)
Fish Out Of Water (Feb 2005)
The Ghost Train (Nov 2004)
Laying The Ghost (Apr 2004)
It Runs In The Family (Feb 2004)
Off The Hook (May 2003)
Trivial Pursuits (Feb 2003)
Sand Castles (Nov 2002)
Time of My Life (Apr 2002)
Cash On Delivery (Feb 2002)
Murder In Play (Nov 2001)
Holiday Snap (Apr 2001)
Out Of Focus (Feb 2001)
Funny Money (Nov 2000)
Sleepers Awake (Apr 2000)
Kindly Keep It Covered (Feb 2000)
Round And Round The Garden (Nov 1999)
Key For Two (Apr 1999) 
Party Piece (Feb 1999)
When We Are Married (Nov 1998)
Upstairs Cuckoo (Jun 1998 Festival)
Breath Of Spring (Apr 1998)
Dry Rot (Feb 1998)
Rookery Nook (Nov 1997)
The Edge Of Darkness (Apr 1997)
Uproar In The House (Feb 1997)
Clerical Errors (Nov 1996)
How The Other Half Loves (Apr 1996)
Farndale TWGDS Murder Mystery (Feb 1996)
Not Now Darling (Nov 1995)
Miranda (Apr 1995)
Busybody (Feb 1995)
Farewell, Farewell Eugene (Nov 1994)
Separate Tables (Apr 1994)
Love's A Luxury (Jan 1994)
Pygmalion Oct 1993)
Stepping Out (Apr 1993)
Pink String And Sealing Wax (Jan 1993)
Fringe Benefits (Nov 1992)
Ladies In Retirement (Apr 1992)
Blithe Spirit (Nov 1991)
The Bespoke Overcoat (Jun 1991 Festival)
The Hound Of The Baskervilles (Apr 1991)
East Lynne (Feb 1991)
Move Over Mrs Markham (Nov 1990)
The Rescue (Jun 1990 Festival)
Table Manners (Apr 1990)
Spring And Port Wine (Feb 1990)
1980-1989 1970-1979 1960-1969
Shut Your Eyes & Think Of England (Nov 1989)
Quiet Weekend (Apr 1989)
A Tomb With A View (Feb 1989)
Pools Paradise (Nov 1988)
A Gown For His Mistress (Apr 1983)
Deadly Nightcap (Feb 1988)
Present Laughter (Oct 1987)
My Three Angels May 1987)
Bedroom Farce (Feb 1987)
Something To Hide (Nov 1986)
Key For Two (Apr 1986)
A Bedfull Of Foreigners (Feb 1986)
Seasons Greetings (Nov 1985)
Brides Of March (Apr 1985)
Outside Edge (Feb 1985)
Living Together (Nov 1984)
Between Mouthfuls (1984 Festival)
The Bride And The Batchelor (May 1984)
Relative Values (Feb 1984)
Suddenly At Home (Nov 1983)
Lord Arthur Saville's Crime (Apr 1983)
A Murder Is Announced (Feb 1983)
Haul For The Shore (Oct 1982)
Among Those Present (1982 Festival)
See How They Run (Apr 1982)
Pardon Me, Prime Minister (Feb 1982)
Too Soon For Daisies (Oct 1981)
There Goes The Bride (Apr 1981)
Who Goes Bare (Nov 1980)
Silence On The Battlefield (1980 Festival)
Fringe Benefits (Apr 1980)
A Tomb With A View (Oct 1979)
The Truth About The Truth (1979 Festival)
Ladies In Retirement (Jan 1979)
Festival Round And Round The Garden (Oct 1978)
The Rescue (1978)
Fools Paradise (Apr 1978)
The Happiest Days Of Your Life (Feb 1978)
Celebration (Nov 1977)
The Ritual (1977 Festival)
Night Must Fall (May 1977)
Jack And The Beanstalk (Jan 1977 Panto)
Move Over Mrs (Markham (Nov 1976)
Lloyd George Knew My Father (Sep 1976)
Limes From Sicily (1976 Festival)
The Chalk Garden (Apr 1976)
Robinson Crusoe (Jan 1976 Panto)
Uproar In The House (Oct 1975)
Life Of Hercules Page One (1975 Festival)
When We Are Married (Apr 1975)
Dick Whittington (Jan 1975 Panto)
Barefoot In The Park (Oct 1974)
A Phoenix Too Frequent 1974 Festival)
The Killing Of Sister George (Apr 1974)
The Sleeping Beauty (Jan 1974 Panto)
Tom Jones (Nov 1973)
The Three Cornered Hat (1973 Festival)
An Ideal Husband (Apr 1973)
No Time For Fig Leaves (Feb 1973)
Cinderella (Dec 1972 Panto)
Cat On The Fiddle (Oct 1972)
Silence On The Battlefield (1972 Festival)
Not Now Darling (Feb 1972)
Wanted-One Body (Dec 1971)
Present Laughter (Oct 1971)
The Card Index (1971 Festival)
Blithe Spirit (Mar 1971)
So Many Children (Jan 1971)
The Gioconda Smile (Oct 1970)
Sunshine On The Righteous (1970 Festival)
A Letter From The General (Mar 1970)
Boeing Boeing (Jan 1970)
The Importance Of Being Earnest (Oct 1969)
Private Rooms (1969 Festival)
The Curious Savage (Mar 1969)
Farewell Farewell Eugene (Jan 1969)
Dangerous Corner (Oct 1968)
The Laboratory (1968 Festival)
Hay Fever (Mar 1968)
Sabrina Fair (Jan 1968)
The Noble Spaniard (Oct 1967)
One Man Marries The Property (1967 Festival)
All For Mary (Apr 1967)
Doctor In The House (Jan 1967)
Bonaventure (Oct 1966)
Sganerelle (1966 Festival)
The Reluctante Sebutante (Mar 1966)
Rebecca (Jan 1966)
Life With The Girls (Oct 1965)
The Amorous Prawn (Apr 1965)
Gazelle In Park Lane (Feb 1965)
Charley's Aunt (Oct 1964)
Wolf's Clothing (Mar 1964)
Intent To Murder (Jan 1964)
Pools Paradise (Oct 1963)
Double Yolk May (1963)
The House By The Lake (Feb 1963)
Love's A Luxury (Nov 1962)
Mother Ginevra (1962 Festival)
The Shop At Sly Corner (Jun 1962)
Cat Among The Pigeons (Feb 1962)
Dear (Octopus (Nov 1961)
Harlequinade (Jun 1961 Festival)
Ride A Tiger (Jun 1961 Festival)
Circle In The Ring Act 1 (Mar 1961 Festival)
Circle In The Ring (Mar 1961)
Saturday Night At The Crown (Jan 1961)
Murder On Arrival  (Oct 1960)
Madam Tic-Tac (Apr 1960)
Dry Rot (Feb 1960)
1950-1959 1938-1949  
Mother Of Men (Oct 1959)
Sailor Beware  (Apr 1959)
The Sacred Flame (Jan 1959)
This Happy Breed (Oct 1958)
Ring For Catty (Apr 1958)
The Man In Grey (Jan 1958)
Sit Down A Minute Adrian (Oct 1957)
The Girl Who Couldn't Quite (Apr 1957)
Tail Of Fire (Feb 1957 Festival)
Book Of The Month (Jan1957)
As Long As They're Happy (Oct 1956)
Seagulls Over Sorrento (Apr 1956)
The Waters Of Lethe (Feb 1956 Festival)
Love In A Mist (Jan 1956)
Queen Elizabeth Slept Here (Oct 1955)
The Happiest Days Of Your Life (Apr 1955)
The White Sheep Of The Family (Jan 1955)
Missing Believed Married (1954)
The Chiltern Hundreds (1954)
The Paragon (1954)
Without The Prince (1953)
See How They Run (Jan 1953)
Jane Steps Out (1952)
Double Door (Mar 1952)
My Wife's Family (1951)
The Wishing Well (1951)
Artificial Silk (1949)
Women Aren't Angels (1948)
Dear Octopus  (1946)
Gathering Storm (1946)
Rebecca (1946)
Quiet Wedding
Young Wives Tale
Ten Days Before The Wedding
Lord Richard In The Pantry
The Doctor's Dilemma
The Barretts Of Wimpole Street
Pride And Prejudice
When We Are Married
Sweet William 
The Rest Cure
The Rochdale Pioneers


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